Sunday, March 27, 2011

I adore this Mollie Parnis dress!

I just think this is adorable...very tailored and conservative styling with the unexpected slit to the knee Mollie Parnis emerald green dress c. late 60s to early 70s cusper. Mollie Parnis designs were popular with several 20th century American First Ladies and I am pleased to have this one listed now on ebay, or it is available now on etsy.

Speaking of ebay, anyone who buys or sells there should be aware of changes coming soon. Ebay will begin levying their Final Value Fee (FVF) on shipping charges as well as selling price. They've got some sheeple convinced it's about catching all those sellers who sell twenty dollar widgits for $.99 with 19.99 shipping charge who are trying to circumvent the fee. And yes, those sellers should be on a level playing field with the rest of us but that could've been remedied by making everyone use the shipping calculator and charge the exact shipping cost.
What this is about is MO' MONEY for ebay, and as always the sellers will have to build it into expenses and then it gets passed on to buyers. I calculated the difference in current and new fee systems based on my monthly average sales--my total fees will increase 13% effective in April on ebay. Anyone with even an elementary grasp of business math can see that's an extreme increase to swallow! When you look a little deeper, you will also find (based on "pinks" question and answer sessions on ebay, I'll be happy to find it for you) that if you, the buyer, purchase three items from the same seller, the automatic tally when you check out will give you the three items with full shipping cost. Now, most sellers graciously discount multiple orders, BUT WAIT, under this new system they will be losing even more money! According to one discussion board post "pink" staffer, the FVF will be charged on all three items selling price plus shipping. If the seller later sends an updated invoices reflecting a discount, ebay has no plans to refund the FVF difference to the seller! All the usual seller screaming and demanding boycotts aside, it does put ALL ebay users at a disadvantage. I think alternative sites, like etsy and others, will easily benefit from this, which means sellers can maintain current pricing structures with their existing target customers, thus benefitting buyers as well. Stay tuned...

You can get more info here: but there are dozens of threads on this topic all over ebay's discussion boards.

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